Bither Cash Pre ICO Review

BitherCash: “To give investors a better and secured future via principles of Pure Lending.”

BitherCash empowers investors to grow their capital via a blockchain powered investment system. This revolutionary opportunity will change the entire investment industry. At the core if it all is the concept of “Pure Lending”.

What is BitherCash?
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They’re launching a new decentralized cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin that can be used to make payments or transfer funds. The main aspect that will interest most investors however is their lending platform. Unlike their competitors they offer a realistic interest rate of up to 8% per month depending on the amount you loan. This should make the platform sustainable for much longer and hopefully forever.

The rise of cryptocurrency, ICOs and Lending platforms

Cryptocurrency has grown quickly during 2017, the total market cap of all coins and tokens now exceeds $300 billion. Bitcoin is the most well known and highest value coin with just over half the market cap and a huge price of $10,000. However this year has also seen the emergence of many new currencies such as Ethereum. Ethereum and many others were launched via an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). An ICO offers platforms the chance to raise initial funds by distributing their coins or tokens to investors. Many investors have seen huge returns on these types of investments with many going to 20x their initial price or more within weeks. Many platforms now view this as a better way of funding over more traditional methods. One of the niches within crypto that has so far excelled has been lending platforms. These businesses offer high interest rates in return for lending them money, with most claiming to use trading bots that trade the cryptocurrency markets. However many of these platforms pay over 1% interest per day which is unlikely to be sustainable long term, BitherCash plans to offer much more realistic figures.

BitherCash Lending Program
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The new lending service will go live once the sale has been completed. The platform plans to offer 3 different options of investment ranging from as little as $100 up to above $25,000. The interest rates available are up to 7% per month. While this figure may be small compared to some of their competitors it should be far more sustainable and obviously much higher than you’d receive from a traditional bank.

[b]ICO Details[/b]

The token sale is set to start on the 5th of December with 8.25 million coins going on sale during a 6 week period. The price will initially be just $0.55 and slowly rise as the sale goes on.

[b]Referral program[/b]

As with many businesses they plan to attract new investors by offering an attractive referral program. The program will pay interest on the initial loan value aswell as any interest earned. You can receive 6% on both aspects of the loan from level 1 referrals with additional bonuses down to level 5.


Cryptocurrency investments are risky so don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. For me personally these types of sales have offered me the best returns. Obviously Bitconnect is well known but more recently Hextracoin and Regalcoin grew to $30 each within the first week or 2. This platform seems to offer many advantages over a lot of their competitors, their website and whitepaper looks much more professional with full details of the program listed. They also plan to offer a much lower interest rate, this may put some people off however I personally think it’s a good idea as it’s unlikely that figures of over 1% per day will be sustainable long term.
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