Gold Gate ICO


GOLDGATE (BGG) aims to create a lending platform built on trust and reputation with the Ethereum ecosystem.

Security is the first priority within our decentralized platform. We utilize the popular Ethereum blockchain technology allowing other developers to join seamlessly and without worry.

GOLDGATE (BGG) contributes to redefining the core trends of cryptocurrency in the present and future to generate positive changes in the way that crypto is viewed & admitted in the next 5 to 10 years.


GOLDGATE bounty is the campaign for everyone who supports its platform. With participation in the bounty campaign, you can get more profits up to total 18% from referral’s deposits. There are great advantages.

Main benefits

  • You earn 18% of total deposits from referrals, including: 15% from F1’s deposit and 3% from F2’s deposit.

    Withdraw income in BTC / ETH immediately based on automated calculation system.

    You aren’t required to make a prior deposit to join our bounty program. Work under your own control of time.

Just 4 easy steps
1.Login/Register. Save your password in secret.
2.Copy your bounty link & share it with your community. Spread your referral network as wide as you can
3.Keep tracking of your referrals & benefit from your f1/f2’s deposits
4.Withdraw BTC / ETH income to your wallet.


Free Registere here;


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