Steneum Coin ICO on December 1st 2017

The Steneum ICO is set to start in less than 5 days with 5 million coins going on offer, initially priced at just $0.15 each.

What is Steneum?

They’re launching a new token that will be used on their new lending platform. The lending platform will work similarly to Bitconnect and promises to pay users over 1% interest per day.

The rise of cryptocurrency and ICOs

Cryptocurrency has grown quickly during 2017, the total market cap of all crypto combined is now over $250 billion. Bitcoin is still the market leader with just over half the market cap and a coin price of over $8,500. However this year has also seen the emergence of many new coins and tokens. Many of these have been launched via an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). An Initial Coin Offering allows businesses to raise capital by distributing their tokens to investors, often well below the price that they then trade on open exchanges at.
Many investors have seen huge returns with these token sales this year and many businesses now view this as a better way of funding over more traditional methods.

Lending platforms

One of the main types of ICO that investors have seen the best returns from has been lending platforms. These platforms work by using trading bots that trade the cryptocurrency markets. To raise extra capital to trade with they offer investors the chance to earn over 1% interest per day. Bitconnect was the first company to launch their lending platform via ICO where they offered their tokens for just $0.5 each, they’ve since risen to around $300 each, offering investors a huge return of 600x.
More recently there’s been many new competitors to Bitconnect launching their own tokens sales and hoping to take Bitconnects crown. Regalcoin and Hextracoin both recently launched and have seen their coin price rise to around $50 within the first month of trading.

Steneum Lending platform

The new lending platform differs from their competitors by offering the chance to lend with their tokens rather than in USD. This means that if you lend them 1000 tokens then when the loan is complete you’ll receive 1000 tokens back, this should be much better as you’ll be able to take advantage of the expected rise in the token price aswell as the 1%+ interest offered each day at the same time.
The lending interest will be paid directly into your wallets every day.
Your capital (tokens) will be locked away for between 30-90 days depending on the amount you wish to invest, the lending feature is set to go live once the ICO has been completed. Full details can be found by signing up on their website:

ICO Details

There will be a total of 5 million tokens going on sale split into 5 rounds. The first round price will be just $0.15 each and will slowly rise during each round. The sale is scheduled to run from the 1st of December until the 1st of January, however it’s likely to sell out quickly.

Steneum Conclusion

All token sales are risky so please don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. I’ve personally seen huge gains with the lending platform sales recently so I’m happy to reinvest some of my profits.
The best thing about this platform is that the lending amounts will be returned in tokens rather than USD, this allows investors to combine the lending platform with the expected rise in the price of the tokens and should make for much improved profits.
Signing up with my link below will grant you instant access to the platform:

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